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Our Services

This is the logistics arm of Abiatradelink is ensures products are not just delivered to clients but are delivered in good condition. Logistic fees are dependent on the product and destination

We will protect and monitor your orders from payment to delivery. We will ensure products/services or payments meets requirement(s). This is applicable to both vendors and clients.

Where the client requires the services, the client is expected to pay the total transaction fee to AbiaTradeLink. The total fund is not remitted to the Vendor until AbiaTradeLink confirms the products meets request and it delivered to the Client. AbiaTradeLink in this case will also be responsible for the delivering the products to the client.

Where the Vendor requires the service, we will be in custody of the products/services until the vendor requirements are met which may be and not limited to payments.

This service ensures both client and vendor are guaranteed of quality service delivery and compliance.
Our processes include:

  • Initial Production Inspection – checks the machinery and materials to be used for your order at the beginning of the production process.
  • During Production Inspection – a visual check on the quality of components, materials and finished products during manufacturing.
  • Final Random Inspection – a detailed visual inspection of samples selected at random to check that the quality, quantity and packaging conform to your samples and specifications.
  • Container Loading Check and Take Off – supervision during container loading to ensure that the finished and packaged goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity).
  • Other services as may be requested by the client.

We can help verify clients and vendors. This include doing KYC on any of them This does not in any way guarantee their actions. Our verification processe includes

  • Name verification
  • Contact address verification
  • For Corporates, CAC verification

We can also refer and recommend clients to vendors and vendors to client where necessary.

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For more call: (+234) 0803 8320 312
or Email: info@abiatradelink.ng